News Release

4 April 2011

Analysts wise up to search engine penalties, finds new poll…
…But there’s a long way to go

UK, London – News navigator One News Page is hosting an early evening City seminar on 14 April on the topic of search engine penalties and the risks they pose to quoted companies.

One News Page, which is behind the “Have I Been Penalized..?” campaign for search engine penalty transparency, is inviting retail and technology equity analysts and fund managers to an event where experts from the US and UK will offer an insight into the detrimental consequences of search penalties and explain how penalties could affect investments in smaller quoted companies.

The event is hosted by Ray Snoddy, the well-known media journalist and BBC presenter. Full details of the seminar can be found at

Search engine penalties are designed to restrict visibility of ‘illegitimate’ websites, such those involved in spamming.

But search engines can also inflict penalties accidentally, as AIM-quoted Media Corp found to its cost a couple of years ago. It said it lost an estimated £1m in revenues after a two-year penalty drastically reduced searches to a couple of its sites.

One News Page polled 40 London equity analysts about search engine penalties.

It found that nine out of ten analysts want search engines to be more transparent over search penalties.

Just 10% said they were worried that if the rules about penalties were made any more explicit, unscrupulous sites would be tempted to find ways of getting round them.

Sixty per cent of the analysts said they were not aware that search engines could impose penalties without having to inform the affected sites.

Only 25% of the analysts knew that search engine penalties could remain in place for up to three years.

Seventy five per cent of analysts thought search penalties lasted about one year, or for only as long as the cause of the penalty remained in place.

Only 20% of the analyst said they had considered the risks of search engine penalties when analysing stocks, and these were predominantly technology rather than retail industry analysts.

Most analysts agreed that search penalties were becoming an increasingly important topic, especially in the light of the European Commission recently opening its investigation into Google.

Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer, Chief Executive Officer of One News Page Ltd., said:

“Our seminar features experts on search engine penalties, including Bob Sakayama, one of the leading expert consultants on search penalties, and UK-based award-winning online marketing company Adrac Ltd, who will discuss the iniquities of some penalties and how these can destroy business on legitimate sites. Badly applied penalties pose risks to online businesses which the City needs to get a firm understanding of.”


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Dr Marc Pinter-Krainer
CEO, One News Page Ltd.
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About “Have I been penalized..?”

The new “Have I been penalized..?” campaign at asks leading search engines such as Google to introduce three transparency measures on penalties.

• First, to bring in a simple mechanism that tells the site owner that they have suffered a search penalty

• Second, to establish a communication mechanism which allows site owners to find out more about the nature of the penalty

• Third, to instigate a fast and efficient appeals process if site owners wish to challenge the penalty

The campaign is spearheaded by One News Page, a news aggregator which suffered an eight-month Google penalty, causing a 96% fall in Google organic visitor traffic to its site. The campaign is supported by ICOMP, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Market Place, an industry consortium promoting fairer competition on the Internet.

For further information, please access the campaign website at

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ICOMP, the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace, is an industry initiative for businesses and organisations involved in the online marketplace. Its overall objective is the sustainable growth of the Internet and key goals are to encourage competition, transparency, data privacy and respect for intellectual property rights as well as the adoption of best practices to promote creativity, innovation and trust.

Over 50 companies, trade associations, consumer organisations and individuals have endorsed ICOMP’s principles. These members represent 14 countries across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

ICOMP is funded by member contributions as well as sponsorship from Microsoft. Burson-Marsteller acts as its secretariat and Lord Alan Watson is ICOMP’s first Chairman.