Have I been penalized..?Demanding greater search engine transparency
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Search penalties and their risk implications to public companies
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Did you know..?
  • With some 1 billion searches each day, search engines are the gate keepers of the web.
  • Search penalties can have a severe impact, effectively removing a website from the net.
  • Most penalties are applied for a good reason (e.g. spamming sites). However, in some cases severe penalties are imposed accidentally on legitimate sites - with severe consequences.
  • There is currently no penalty notification from search engines.
  • In most cases, website owners have no means to confirm the penalty status with the search engine.
  • Online businesses waste considerable resource optimizing sites which are penalized, or trying to rectify the cause of a suspected penalty without being subjected to one.
  • Search engines leave affected online businesses in the dark. This needs to change. More transparency is required.
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